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What makes us GREAT

A worldwide patent

A worldwide patent for "Method and apparatus of secure facsimile transmission" was granted recently. I intend to build a similar plattform like but with strong encryption. My invention combined with a symetric strong encryption algorithm allows secure fax transmission in a manner, that no technical secret service would be able to read the messages. This fax project would give me one more USP.


This Socialmedia-Network-App will in the future with all handling and features beat Whatsapp, Line, Viber and Skype and will show many USPs.
-> iphone App
-> Android App
-> Web App

App Smooth Support

After downloading and the use you will see, that CallMeNow is already 80% on the performance level of Skype (and Skype was sold recently to Microsoft for 1,9 Billion USD,,,1% company share would be in this case 19 Mio USD) and my app is in continous development.

Award Winning Features

early bird phase

Globalwebsolutions S.L. is willing to offer 30% of the company in the "early bird phase" against 6.000.000 Euro to investors. With a minimum investment of 50.000 €, you would participate with a quarter percent on my company Global Websolutions S.L.. The following offer is valid until the amount is raised.

Development Represent

According to current estimates the GWS would be able with 6.000.000 Euro to reach a development and marketing level, which is sufficient to compete with Skype and Whatsapp on the market in few years. GWS expect to reach the Break-Even in less than 18 months. This is possible with incredible cheap Callout rates (Calls from CallMeNow into landline or mobile phone will be much cheaper than Skype and Viber)

Business Plan Attached


Thanks in advance for your interest in this matter.

Global Websolutions S.L.
Gerd Steeger CEO