Our Mission

Our mission is to bring people and information closer together with real privacy.

The development of CallMeNow started October 2014 with the background to establish a communication platform in Europe beside some Apps which are created and controlled by the American Government. The base is a cloud service which is powered in Europe. After the NSA affair happened, it was clear that Europe need a own communication system and software with build in End to End encryption. The goal is to establish a fast and reliable communication platform with optional encryption features. With this approach, CallMeNow has grown into a social platform with many worldwide users, having a strong focus in the rapidly advancing continent of Europe.

In a fast growing and changing we intend to deliver a reliable online access to all people and information they need in their daily lives – CallMeNow shall be the gateway.On our journey to create the worldwide best comunication plattform we will not getting tired, as we will meet all needs that our users face in a constantly changing mobile world.